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Dream Come True

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My birthday was last month. But I received my final and best birthday gift this past weekend. My husband had been so cryptic about what this gift was. He said it was outdoors, that I would love it, and we had to go soon. Well, it all made sense when we arrived at Majestic Meadows in Medina. It's an alpaca farm with many animals you can feed and interact with. Since I'm an animal lover, this was awesome! But the most awesome part is the one animal that lives there that I adore.

If you follow me on Instagram (@hausofv), you know that I daily post stories about capybaras-- these giant guinea pig-looking things that are so sweet and gentle and chill-- because I'm obsessed. A capybara used to live at the Akron Zoo, but sadly passed away a few months ago. The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is home to some capys. But there is no place you can hang with one-- until now. My husband had called around to see if there were any capys we could visit and experience and the Cleveland Zoo told him all about Majestic Meadows. 

Joe wanted me to see the capys (named Captain and Coraline) while they were still babies. They're only 6 months-old right now. They'll grow to be 4 feet tall and 150 pounds and have a litter of 8-12 babies one day!

I admit, I teared up with joy at the opporunity to pet and feed these precious creatures. My husband is the best... 

IMG 3049


IMG 3060


IMG 3095

Majestic Meadows has kangaroos, goats, alpacas (obvs), turkeys, camels, donkeys... and more that you can experience. 


I've found my happy place! It's a true gem!

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