Wednesday, 09 March 2022 19:54

New Alcohol Brands...from Bands!

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Band's and booze have went hand-and-hand for years...

2 of my favorites are putting their best drinks forward.

Kiss has the song 'Cold Gin' it only makes sense that they have a liquor to go with it.  Well check it out for $39.99 you can get a bottle of Kiss's Cold Gin.  Click Here To Check It Out!

AC/DC not to be out done...  Knuckle Bonz has "For Those About To Rock Ale" a 5.9% ABV Beer.  Click Here To Check It Out!

I would go with the beer, personally.  Gin tastes like pine trees to me.  I'd rather drink Sammy's Cabo Wabo... just saying...

Remember whatever you are drinking from one of our awesome band's or just your regular brand.  Remember Rock Irresponsibly!  But ALWAYS Drink Responsibly...   

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