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Derek & Layla Get Married

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We've logged just about one week in our Stay-At-Home order. One more to go! Let's hope it's helping. I know it can be tough but as we're seeing everywhere; "we will get through this together!" If it's not been a good week, allow me to take you back to simpler times with another look back at...This Week In Rock!

2014 - After a break of sixteen years, Christine McVie rejoined Fleetwood Mac. Could there still be hope for Lindsey Buckingham?

2000 - Ian Dury of the Blockheads died at 57. It was cancer and NOT Sex & Drugs & Rock n'Roll.

1998 - Alice Cooper broke ground for a baseball/rock & roll-themed restaurant called "Cooper's Town." It was built three blocks from the Arizona Diamondbacks' stadium in Phoenix. Later there'd be one in Cleveland near what we called "the Jake" back then, kids.

1986 - Sammy Hagar first stepped out in front of Van Halen as their new lead singer.

And in 1979 - Eric Clapton married his inspiration for the classic rock mainstay "Layla." She was Pattie Boyd, (the former Mrs. George Harrison). The inspiration lasted 10 years.

Let me close with a couple of "This Week In Non-Rock" examples: The United States acquired Alaska in 1867 but didn't make it a state for 92 years. And finally, in 1512 Spanish explorer Juan Ponce De Leon first sighted Florida and began a long tradition of "Florida Man..." stories, (i.e. "Florida Man thinks he's discovered the fountain of youth").

Stay strong, stay healthy and keep rockin'!

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