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Beer Maker Brews Up A Tribute to Rush Drummer

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A New Jersey-based brewery has come up with a novel way to honor Neil Peart, the Rush drummer who died in January after a three-year battle with brain cancer. They've come up with a beer and dubbed it "Pronounced Pier-T" which settles once and for all how Neil pronounced his last name. It's not Purt nor Pair-T like many mistakenly said over the years. The brewers are definitely Rush fanatics as evidenced by the press release. The beer is described as a "Lime-Lighted" Canadian Lager which sells for $21.12 per four-pack. Now that may seem a little steep for four beers but all proceeds will be donated toward glioblastoma research in Peart’s name. Let me know if you see it on local store shelves as I'd like to give it a try, not only because I enjoy a good beer but I too had a friend succumb to this dread disease. Read more about the brewers and their Rush-inspired beer by clicking this link and remember, it's "PRONOUNCED PIER-T."

(Photo Credit: Carton Brewing)

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