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Red Cross Acts of Courage

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This Thursday night, I have the pleasure of once again emceeing the Red Cross annual Acts of Courage recognition ceremony. As in year's past, my wife Sue Wilson, (herself a Red Cross board member & volunteer), and I introduce the videos of ordinary people who stepped up and performed extraordinary heroic deeds to save another fellow human. These are people who risked their own lives to save someone from a burning house, a traffic accident, a near drowning incident, or performed CPR on someone befallen by a sudden heart attack. The stories are all very similar in that these people didn't know their day would put them into a life or death situation but when it did, they stepped up. Many of the stories involve first responders while others involve people who recognized a bad situation and did what needed to be done such as the student who knew enough to perform the Heimlich Maneuver when a classmate was choking in the school cafeteria. A common sentiment among these folks is that they don't feel like "heroes." They are just grateful they were able to help someone in dire need. Congratulations to you all and thank you for what you did. I've included a link so you can read about the program and to nominate a hero for future recognition.

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