Friday, 10 January 2020 15:23

Killer Brownies Are Back!

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Remember Killer Brownies from the West Point Market? Well, they're back! For many years, the Vernon family ran the upscale grocery store catering to an uppper crust clientele on West Market Street in the Walhaven area. Lucky for us, it was conveniently located next door to the WONE studios. The market was known for many high end items but those brownies were stand-out. They were the bomb. Sadly, the West Point Market closed and Whole Foods moved in. WPM attempted to make a go of it with a smaller scale store on Shiawassee but it just didn't seem to catch on. But you could buy those brownies there. Then that location closed too and left brownie fans wondering if that sweet treat would ever again cross their lips again. Well step back because just like everything else these days, you can order online and have them delivered to your door. Stop salivating and read on.

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