Wednesday, 04 December 2019 13:01

Stop The Madness

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Unwanted phone calls! We all get them and I'm willing to guess 99% of us don't like them. They're a nuisance but the power to stop or at the very least limit them is right at your fingertips. I recently heard about this and later saw a video. Basically, it says answer the calls, even the ones you don't recognize as one of your contacts. If you get a live operator on the other end, be polite and say "Please put my number on your Do Not Call list." You can then hang up and no further communication is necessary. Be direct but polite as the person on the other end is just that, a person just trying to make a living even if it's one that rubs you the wrong way. 

My question is how to stop the robo-calls from auto-dialers with no live operator. You may want to check out this site from the Federal Communications Commission which gives some tips. If they still persist, Google "ways to stop robo-calls." There is an abundance of sites to look at and apps to put on your mobile to hopefully, "stop the madness."

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