Wednesday, 18 September 2019 16:43

Get On Your Bikes & Ride!

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If you sang that part of the Queen song when you saw the title of this blog, it was fully intended. That's what I was thinking when I actually rode my bike to work today. Now that's a bike as in bi-cycle! The last time I did that was in my pre-driver's license teens. A couple factors allowed me to do this: I recently downsized to a condo closer to the station and the late-summer weather has been outstanding. Truth be told, the ride here was all downhill so going home today might test my stamina. I hope to do it as often as I can to save gas, save money, and get some exercise. I'll update you on my progress as the weather turns colder and if you see me, beep & wave and don't forget to share the road.
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