Friday, 13 September 2019 16:02

The Money Man & Me

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There are probably countless DJ's like me across the country who have a photo like this. I pulled it out today after hearing the news that Eddie Money had died. He was 70. He played the self promotion game better than most. When he came to town, he'd call the local rock station and offer his time for an interview. He always made himself accessible to the on air staff and fans alike at his shows. He was a likeable guy who loved his life, wife, and his many kids. The day I interviewed him, he sheepishly told me, (off air), he loved his kids as much as the "process" that gave him all those kids, (if you catch my drift). He didn't take himself too seriously as shown here by his turn as a travel agent in this Geico commercial. The man who could have been a New York City cop like his father chose instead to make memorable music and we are the richer for it. Rest In Paradise, Money Man. 


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