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I'm sorry sir but your trash is a mess

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I was a little surprised last week when my trash got tagged. It said my recycle bin contained things they would not take such as plastic bags. I know some people put their recyclables in those blue plastic bags. If you do, don't waste your money. Most municipalities don't take them. I don't do that so I was a little miffed at that accusation. They also don't like grease-stained pizza boxes. Okay, I'll cop to that but I try hard to be environmentally conscious. I hope and believe the little extra effort I take has a positive effect on our world but recycling has become tricky of late. For instance, Akron Recycling no longer accepts glass as recyclables. This is sad because glass was the original recyclable/reusable thing. Maybe we need to go back to the days of returning bottles and glass for a small monetary return. As a boy, my Mom let me take the pop bottles back to the store and I'd parlay the return into candy bars and bubble gum. It was a good arrangement. I will close with the latest news on what's going on with Akron's recycling program as reported by the ABJ/Ohio.Com's Betty Lin-Fisher who's been keeping a close eye on this. Thanks for reading and remember; Reduce-Reuse-Recyle but do it correctly.

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