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Together Again

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It's such a bummer when your favorite band calls it quits. It seems like they worked so hard to "make it" and then the dramz kicks in and... Sigh. Rolling Stone mag compiled a list of bands most likely to reunite and the odds. They also dropped a list of "forget about its".

Rolling Stone has compiled a list of 18 bands and placed odds on the chances of them reuniting.

Most Likely to Say "Yes" Again:

Oasis - 80%
The Kinks - 70%
The White Stripes - 60%
Fleetwood Mac w/Lindsey Buckingham - 35%
Genesis w/Peter Gabriel - 30%
R.E.M. - 30%
Sonic Youth - 25%
Black Sabbath - 25%
Sex Pistols - 20%
The Police - 15%
Simon and Garfunkel - 15%
Talking Heads - 10%
Led Zeppelin - 10%
Pink Floyd - 5%
The Smiths - 10%

And the bands to Most Likely to Say STFU:

Santana (original line-up)
Journey w/Steve Perry
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Styx w/Dennis DeYoung
KISS w/Ace Frehley & Peter Criss
Chicago w/Peter Cetera
Traffic - Steve Winwood & Dave Mason
The Faces
Jeff Beck Group w/Rod Stewart & Ronnie Wood
Justin Hayward & John Lodge as The Moody Blues or Blue Jays
Dire Straits
Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Deep Purple w/Ritchie Blackmore

What band would you love to see back together?

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