Thursday, 10 September 2020 16:47

Geddy Lee is Alive & Well

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Geddy Lee is Alive & Well Ultimate Classic Rock

Today, people just jump to conclusions.  Case in point…people started saying that Geddy Lee of Rush was dead.  All because he was “trending” on Twitter.  Why was he trending on Twitter?  Because of a cardboard cut-out of Geddy placed behind home plate at Sahlen Field in Buffalo where the Toronto Blue Jays play.  It’s a minor league field and the Blue Jays play there as a home field because the Canadian government won’t let any baseball be played in Canada.  Geddy is a huge Toronto Blue Jays fan and paid for the cardboard cut-out.  Fans are not allowed at games due to the pandemic.  Geddy wants everyone to know he is doing just fine.  Meanwhile, some people need to get a life! 

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