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Wednesday, 04 September 2019 15:43

We Don't Like to WAIT!!

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No surprise, we seem to be getting more impatient by the day. They blame it on technology. Yep, somehow we get mad because we have it so easy with technology and when we have to wait for a light or a page to load...we get pissed. I think there's more to it. For instance, where has good customer service gone? Like going to get your drivers license renewed and waiting in a long line while 3 paid employees are doing nothing. Or how about this? Going into a store and there is no one to ask where a certain item is. Or how about trying to check out of a store and there is only one register open? But you see other employees just walking around. Ever try to get a company to help you with your internet or cable? Usually you wait for a long time. "Your call is important to us," is the biggest crock I've heard. This really gets me....happy hour prices on wine that I wouldn't even pour into a toilet! Now, I'm all worked up!! Read more here.

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