Thursday, 18 November 2021 13:32

Interesting Week!

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So I figure we are getting close to the weekend...  You are starting to pick out your Band Tee Friday's Shirt.

Might as well wrap up a few loose ends from the week.

Thank you for Rockin' with me from 7-Midnight each weeknight!!!


The Scorpions released a single from their new album, their 19th, 'Rock Believer' due out Feb. 25th. 

Oh and if you were in the mood for an old sex tape of Tommy Lee and Pam...  The Trailer or the Hulu Series is coming in February.


Steve Perry tries to get you into the spirit of the season with his new Christmas Album 'The Season'.


Axl Rose had some sad news this week as he lost his cat Dexy...

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