Tuesday, 03 January 2023 12:27

Welcome Back!

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Cell phones have made pay phones obsolete. Seriously, when and where was the last time you saw a pay phone-- and did it actually work? Well, pay phones are making a comeback. At least they are in Philly. PhilTel, an "amateur phone collective" is building a network of public phones in the city that will allow anyone to make free calls within North America. The phones are powered by Linux and open source software. A similar project in Portland inspired the Philly deal. But why?

Because some people don't have cell phones, be it an issue or cost or privacy. 

The phones will work like they did back in the day-- without the need to deposit coins. Just pick up the receiver, dial your number, and chat away! But the thrill of finding a quarter in the coin return can't be replicated...

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