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Maybe going to a Halloween party, or checking out a haunted attraction isn't your thing-- but you like spooky stuff. Why not visit one of several haunted places in Ohio, some of which are right in our backyard! Some of those places include the Canton Palace Theatre, where it's believed spirits are always hanging out in the concert hall, in the dressing rooms-- wherever! The next time you catch a show there, check to see who's sitting near you! Meanwhile, Lock 4 Park is another believed haunted place. Legend has it that something bad happened back in the 1880s with a container of acid, a crazy dude, and a crew on a canal boat. It's believed that the ghosts of those men roam in the area by the tender's building. The Kent Stage is another location for the paranormal. Theater guardian, nicknamed Woody, is often felt lurking at the front of the stage and in the green room. He's been known to tease performers and roll apples uphill. 

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