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It’s a fact that some people don’t trust technology. Many people still have a landline, still go to the bank in person, still read a physical newspaper. If you still write checks to pay your bills beware that thieves are targeting those checks, taking them, and taking your money.

Check washing is growing in popularity. Thieves will either steal your outgoing checks from your mailbox, or they’ll steal the keys to the blue USPS drop off boxes and take checks out of them. From there, they use chemicals to “wash” those checks, then write themselves a sum that comes straight out of your account.

Here’s what you can do to protect yourself from these thieving asshats:

Never leave a check in your unlocked personal mailbox at your front door or driveway.

Even at an official blue mailbox, check the collection times. Drop off your checks then.

If possible, mail your checks from your local Post Office.

When writing your checks use a gel pen, not a ballpoint pen.

Write in black ink, not blue, which is harder to wash.

Pay bills electronically when possible.

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