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Friday, 30 September 2016 09:35

Joke of the Week 9/30

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The Joke of the Week goes to Becky Estep of Canton along with The Works from Klaben -- and it's a joke you can actually tell at the office!

While little Johnny was in school one day, his dog Laddie died.

Now Laddie was Johnny's best friend. They did everything together.

When Johnny got home from school, his mother said, “Johnny, I have some very, very sad news to tell you. Laddie died today.”

Johnny looked at her and said, “Okay, can I go outside and play?” “Are you sure you are okay?” his mother asked. “Sure” said Johnny and out the door he went.

His mother, confused, thought well, he took that very well.

A little while later Johnny's mother heard him calling for Laddie. “Laddie, Laddie. Where are you? Come play with me.” called little Johnny.

Mother came in the room and said, “Johnny, I told you earlier that Laddie died.”

“Laddie???????? Laddie??????” cried little Johnny. “I thought you said DADDY!!!!!!!!!”

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