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Friday, 23 September 2016 10:10

Joke of the Week 9/23

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Dave Anderson of North Ridgeville tops Joke of the Week and picks up The Works from Klaben Auto with this beauty.

Steeler Jim went to his doctor feeling run down. The doctor finishes his examination and says, "Steeler Jim, I cannot find and physical evidence for you to be so low on energy, it must be something else. Are you eating regularly and getting enough sleep?", the doctor asks.

Steeler Jim replies: "I eat well and am getting enough sleep. The doctor asks, how is your love life?" Steeler Jim replies not too bad. The doctor asks how many times a week? Steeler Jim said "...well, Bengal Betty and I have sex two maybe three times a week."

The doctor says, well nothing wrong there. Steeler Jim speaks up and says, "Doctor I have been having an affair with Betty's sister, Bengel Birtha." How many times a week?, asks the Doctor. Steeler Jim declares two three times.

The doctor says that's not so bad. Steeler Jim says Doctor, I have been seeing the woman next door, she just moved here from Baltimore, Raven Ramona and we have been have an affair.

The doctor asks how many times a week. Two, maybe three times a week, recalled Steeler Jim.

The doctor said, "Steeler Jim, I am starting to see a pattern that will explain your low energy. You are using too much energy with your affairs."

Steeler Jim said, "I have been having an affair with the female dispatcher at the trucking company." The doctor says, that's it, Steeler Jim, your low energy is definately from having too much sex. He grabs his arm and shakes Steeler Jim yelling, you have to get a hold of yourself.

Steeler Jim yells back, "Oh I do...two maybe three times a week."


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