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Friday, 05 August 2016 10:49

Joke of the Week 8/5

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The Joke of the Week nets the Klaben Auto Works package for Bill Braham of Newton Falls for this preseason gem:

They called him Big Ben; he was the first football player to make it to the pros in a certain town, and when he left home for training camp in a western Pennsylvania town. His mother made him promise to write every day and let her know he was OK.

The very first letter, Ben writes: "Mama, the first day of practice was great. But the night wasn't so good. Me and Antonio tossed some of the linemen in the back of the truck and went out for a few drinks. On the way home, we went off the road and into the water."

"Me and Antonio are fine," he continued, "but the linemen in the back of the pickup didn't make it. They couldn't get the tailgate down."

Happy birthday, Steeler Jim.

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