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Monday, 06 June 2016 09:48

Joke of the Week 6-13-16

Congrats to Jimmy G. of Akron for the Joke of the Week winner worth The Works from Klaben Auto!

A hitchhiker walks down the road. Unfortunately, he has the runs and has to stop every 15 minutes.

A truck driver stops and offers a ride, but warns him that he won't stop for anything. About 10 minutes on the road, the hitchhiker begs the truck driver to stop, and the driver tells him, "Stick your butt out the window if you have to go so bad."

The hitchhiker sticks his butt out the window and lets loose.

Unfortunately, he doesn't notice the two Steelers fans walking on the roadside. Sprayed with the unholy residue, the first fan wipes his face and says, "What are them truckers chewing these days?"

The second guy -- his name is Jim -- wipes his face and says, "I don't know, but did you see the lips on that guy?"

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