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Wednesday, 11 May 2016 09:23


The JOKE OF THE WEEK scores a $50 Speedway card courtesy Klaben Auto...and it's Tom Bartholemy of Ravenna.

Three Steelers fans -- Steve, Bob and Jim -- are working on a septic sewer rebuild when suddenly Steve falls in and is killed instantly. After the ambulance leaves with Steve's body, Bob and Jim realize one of them will have to call Steve's wife.

"I'll do it," says Bob. "I'm good at this sensitive stuff."

Two hours later he returns with a six pack of beer. "Did you tell her," asks Steeler Jim?

"Yep," responds Steeler Bob. Jim replies " where did you get the six pack?" Bob responds Steeler Steve's widow gave it to him.

"What! Why would she do that," cries Jim.

"Well," Bob continues, "when she answered the door I asked her 'are you Steeler Steve's widow?"

"Widow? No, your mistaken," she answered. "I'm not a widow." So I said "I'll bet you a six pack you ARE!"

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