Sandar Miller's Daily Buzz - Van Halen album & other tidbits

We're hearing through the grapevine that Van Halen is working on a new album. Alter Bridge/ Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti let it slip in an interview with VH1. He was talking about new music from his solo project, Tremonti< which features Wolfgang Van Halen on bass, and Mark said it's hard to line everyone's schedules up because VH is working on their new album too. Of course he didn't have any inside info how it sounds because Wolfie keeps things pretty quiet.

In other VH news, Scandal singer Patty Smyth says it her that was approached to front the band after David Lee Roth left them without a singer. The timing was wrong and she had to turn them down, so they went with their second choice - Sammy Hagar.