Calvin & Kathy Fleming Benefit & Motorcycle Ride

Saturday, July 26, 2014, 10:30am

 Calvin & Kathy Fleming Benefit & Motorcycle Ride
Date of Ride: July 26, 2014
Start & End Time of Ride: registration starts 10:30, ride starts 11:30, ends about 1:00 followed by rigatoni meal
Ride is to Benefit:: proceeds benefit Calvin Fleming to help with medical bills and surgery costs
Location of Ride: Suffield Lions Club. 1128 waterloo rd. mogadore oh 44260
Ride Description: Calvin was diagnosed in November 2013 with “MENINGIOMA”  a brain tumor.  His tumor is non-malignant and can keep growing or return.  It is a very large tumor.  Calvin has had 4 brain surgeries.  The first surgery was done as an emergency surgery.  The tumor had caused his left eye to bulge out.  It also  pushed his brain to the right side of his head.  He also had a blood clot in his leg and lost the vision in his left eye.   The doctor said if he hadn’t had this surgery he wouldn’t be here today.  Two weeks later they did another surgery because his brain was infected.  His third surgery was done to try and remove more of the tumor.  We still don’t know how much of the tumor remains and they can’t tell until the swelling in his brain  goes down.  His fourth surgery was done as an emergency, and was done the day they admitted him.  He was running a high fever, was very confused and didn’t know who anyone was including himself. They had called the family to come in and see him because it was a very sensitive time.  He had puss on the brain, spinal meningitis, and sepsis, which is an infection of the blood.  The piece of skull removed to do the surgery was also infected and could not be replaced.  Calvin now has to were a helmet due to the fact theres a piece of his skull missing.  He still needs to have another surgery to insert a fake skull in place of were the infected piece was removed.  Calvin is currantly home and has a pick line in to receive antibiotics.  He is awaiting his 5th surgery which will take place once all the swelling in his brain goes down.
 Calvin and Kathy have been through a lot and unfortunately this has put an emotional and financial strain on them.  Calvin’s short term disability has run out and they need help financially.  Kathy has been by his side 24/7 every hospital stay (at least a week each time) and had to take off work without pay.   Calvin and Kathy are the type of people who are always willing to help anyone.  You can always count on them.  They are unaware that we are holding this event in their honor.  We would like to help them out in their time of need just as they have done countless times  for others.  Any questions about the run contact 330-221-6254.  Any other questions or to make a donation contact 330-810-3968

Location : Suffield Lions Club. 1128 waterloo rd. mogadore oh 44260


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